JASIRI selects, develops and invests in high-potential aspiring entrepreneurs


We identify and remove potential stumbling blocks on the entrepreneurial journey. Our programs take participants from idea generation to venture creation. JASIRI believes that entrepreneurial teams are at the heart of new venture creation and provide the entrepreneur with access to a diverse group of potential co-founders.

The JASIRI TALENT INVESTOR seeks individuals who display high potential to create high growth ventures. This is a fully funded one-year program that supports individuals to find co-founders, develop a market-creating innovation, and launch a company. We aim to remove barriers on an individual, team, business, and financial level.


The JASIRI ACCELERATOR invests in and supports companies with market creating-innovations.

Our funding

Team Formation, Prospecting & Validation Kigali Residential June 2021 - August 2021

A Flight and/or transportation from current place of residence to Kigali will be provided for all selected participants

Monthly stipend of $250

Housing, food and basic health insurance will be provided

In the Validation stage, all teams will receive a $3000 budget for prototyping and testing

Venture Creation: September 2021 - May 2022

A Flight and transportation from Kigali to Nairobi will be provided to Founders choosing to establish their ventures in Kenya

All participants will receive a $1000 monthly stipend. Housing and food will no longer be provided.

Each team will receive a $7000 cash grant, plus the balance of any unspent validation budget.

As soon as the teams have achieved product market fit, they will qualify to apply for further equity funding through the Accelerator.


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Our programs

JASIRI Talent Investor

JASIRI Accelerator




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