JASIRI selects, develops and invests in high-potential aspiring entrepreneurs.


Jasiri invests in East-African Talent and start-ups at the early and high risk phases of a meaningful entrepreneurial journey. We introduce entrepreneurship development programs at two stages of the entrepreneurial journey:



  • Jasiri Talent Investor program introduces Jasiri Fellows to equally ambitious co-founders, and supports them on an individual, team and business level through seasoned Facilitators, Mentors and Business Coaches. Find out more
  • Jasiri Growth Accelerator invests in early stage, high potential startups that may still be too risky for commercial funders to invest in. Early stage ventures with potential for high growth and demonstrated product-market fit are provided with funding to support their growth and assisted with investor readiness. Find out more
Jasiri Talent Investor


The JASIRI TALENT INVESTOR identifies, selects and invests in aspiring entrepreneurs with the potential to create high-impact businesses. This fully funded one-year program takes a long-term holistic approach to developing entrepreneurs by providing them with the time and space to identify Market-Creating Innovation and product-market fit. JASIRI takes a competency-based approach to selecting and developing entrepreneurs and the Talent Investor is designed with an understanding of the need for patient and holistic support that addresses the challenges and developmental needs of the entrepreneur. The Talent Investor seeks to ease systemic barriers that prevents the entrepreneur from progressing and supports entrepreneurs to focus on the process of venture creation throughout the program. The program is structured to remove barriers on an individual, team, business, and financial level.


The Talent Investor is a fully-funded world-class region specific program, that follows a competency-based approach to developing entrepreneurs. The program is designed around a essential programmatic activities and a framework that links defined outcomes or progress criteria with corresponding interventions (offerings) to mitigate systemic barriers that hinder the formation of new ventures. The program introduces selected Fellows to equally ambitious co-founders and ensures that co-founding teams are equipped with the competencies to identify and establish Market-Creating Innovations.

The Talent Investor is composed of 5 key stages:

  • Entrepreneurship Essentials
  • Team Formation
  • Prospecting
  • Validation
  • Venture Creation


Team Formation, Prospecting & Validation Kigali Residential

  • A Flight and/or transportation from current place of residence to Kigali will be provided for all selected participants.
  • Monthly stipend of $250.

Venture Creation

  • A Flight and transportation from Kigali to Nairobi will be provided to Founders choosing to establish their ventures in Kenya.
  • Monthly stipend of $1000.
Jasiri Growth Accelerator


The JASIRI Growth Accelerator supports existing businesses with high growth potential to achieve key growth milestones and get ready for investment.

The Growth Accelerator focuses on startups from Rwanda or Kenya with market-creating innovations i.e. businesses solving difficult problems and providing goods or services to a large number of people.

These businesses must have achieved product-market fit. A lack of sufficient traction is a common cause of early-stage businesses’ struggle to fundraise. Yet, the nature of Market Creating Innovations is that they are expensive to build and require funding. Thus, the focus of the accelerator is on helping businesses gain the traction that matters to raise investment and achieve growth. The JASIRI Growth Accelerator bridges the funding gap that exists for businesses solving difficult problems, birthing Market Creating Innovations, and hence distinct funding needs.

Growth Accelerator Guide


The Growth Accelerator is a three-month virtual program which follows a carefully designed framework that guides and fast-tracks founders to achieving the key metrics that will grow their businesses and make them investable. At the end of the three months, businesses that meet the program requirements pitch to a highly-esteemed network of JASIRI investment partners. Successful businesses will raise US$75 000 from JASIRI, with the opportunity for additional funding from JASIRI co-investors. Furthermore, after the completion of the three-month program, businesses engage in monthly accountability coaching and mentoring sessions to continue accelerating their growth.

The Growth Accelerator program is composed of 11 key topics:

  • Problem-solution
  • Market sizing
  • Product and value
  • Growth strategy
  • Market Creating Innovations
  • Growth Tools
  • Creating a high-performing team
  • Strategy, team and execution
  • Marketing and sales
  • Revenue models
  • Fundraising


Acceleration: 3 Month Intensive (Virtual)

  • Weekly tutorials and office hours.
  • Monthly pitching practicals.
  • Bi-weekly coaching and accountability sessions.
  • Final demo day and opportunity for $75k+ investment

Post Accelerator Support: 9 Month Growth Monitoring & Support (Virtual)

  • Monthly accountability coaching and mentoring sessions to support businesses to grow and reach key milestones
The businesses also get credits (AWS, Hubspot, Freshdesk, Zendesk) and business support services


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