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Jasiri Ventures

The Jasiri Talent Investor Programme has been instrumental in birthing 37 active ventures throughout three cohorts. These multi-industry ventures have paved the way for innovations in various sectors, including health, technology, transportation, fintech, supply chain, agriculture, market intelligence, and more.


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Irebe Biotech

Irebe Biotech committed to boosting local manufacturing of medical products and always striving for medical breakthroughs which change people’s lives.

SowPrecise Africa

To streamline agricultural value chains in Africa, SowPrecise Africa helps vegetable oil processors in Africa to access oil seeds easily all year, saving them time and money used to manage their contracted farmers.

Radava Mercantile

Radava Mercantile provides an agricultural commodity exchange market, alternative financing, and post-harvest technologies to smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. We are enhancing trade by connecting smallholder farmers to a global marketplace.

Lima Technologies

Lima Technologies helps farmers earn money from their produce, through linking them to ready markets while providing a consistent supply chain of high-quality produce to the agricultural markets, allowing for predictability, traceability, and reliability through a centralized digital platform.


A financial literacy app that gives you the ability, understand your spending habits plus master your financial behavior in real-time


Lifesten Health is your digital health companion that enables you to make simple changes in your daily activities, set healthy goals, track your results online and rewards you for it.


We are building a wine brand that produces healthy non-alcoholic low-calorie wines

Credit jambo

Building a financial solution to enable bodaboda access emergency loansat lower interest rates, with no collateral requirements and income tailored repayment schemes.


Addressing lack of market intelligence in Africa’s middle Fast Moving Consumer Goods value chain.

Mulika Farms

Creating a transparent and reliable channel of sourcing agricultural produce directly from farmers to traders


A platform that seeks to leverages on technology in the management of mental health conditions to improve awareness and access to mental health services, offer cost flexibility, and optimize productivity for individuals in workplaces


To Develop A Handheld Tool for soil testing linked to an online data analysis and report generation software that delivers results in real time


We aim to produce healthy nutritional drinks that help people improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle unlike unhealthy carbonated drinks with high in sugar levels


Revolutionizing petrol stations through digital process automation in order to save time,eliminate errors and help station owners create new and improved customer experience

Asili Greens

We aim to reduce the negative health and environmental effects of inorganic farming through transitioning inorganic farmers to organic farming by providing them with support throughout the value chain.


Medafri is a technology-driven healthcare company focused on improving patient access to affordable, convenient, reliable and timely health care services by matching patients with the right specialist based on their symptoms, medical history, and location. Patients can consult specialist online and book appointments on our platform within minutes and have personalized healthcare advice for ultimately improving health outcomes while reducing costs.


At Laminar, we provide bespoke and off-the-shelf software (digital) and hardware solutions for manufacturing businesses that will enable unobstructed work flow, increased profitability and efficient use of sustainable and green inputs

Optimal-x Agritech





Eco Crop

Bountiful Farmers