Becoming a Jasiri Fellow: My Journey and Tips for Application by Wudase Girma – Jasiri

Becoming a Jasiri Fellow: My Journey and Tips for Application by Wudase Girma

We live in a world where pursuing your dreams is challenging, and taking the first step seems far-fetched. Aside from the obvious roadblocks such as the financial, time-investment, and risks of starting a business; there aren’t a lot of opportunities to kickstart it either. It is for this reason I was thrilled to discover Jasiri on a LinkedIn repost, two years ago. 

Jasiri is a program based in Rwanda, that invests in, guides, and supports entrepreneurs and early start-ups who benefit society by creating high-impact businesses on the African continent. As I read those words I was eager to apply and take the first step towards my dreams.

As someone who was always on the lookout to bring my business idea to life, Jasiri came in at the right time, providing me with a roadmap to get to where I needed to be. The program offered much more than just financial investment; it was a source of motivation and positivity and provided challenging scenarios that solidified my belief in my capabilities. Moreover, the three-month visit to Rwanda was a plus as I found it refreshing to be in a new environment and work with people from different backgrounds.  In this article, I will summarize the application process.

Phases of recruitment

The Jasiri Talent Investor is a 13-month long program which comprises of three stages; a 1 month online stage known as Jasiri Jumpstart, followed by 3 months of Residential Intensive held in Kigali – Rwanda, and lastly 9 months of Venture Creation in either Rwanda, Kenya, or Ethiopia, depending on the country teams chose to set up their ventures in. 

The recruitment involves a series of multi-stage processes, with each step requiring applicants to meet specific prerequisites to be eligible for the next. In the following section, I will provide a quick overview of each stage of the application process.

First phase: The Application

When you visit Jasiri’s website, the first thing you’ll notice is a link labeled “Join the Jasiri talent investor” This will lead you to a page that gives you an overview of the program, what they’re looking for in candidates, and the application steps. To start your application, click on “Apply now.” You’ll need to fill in various sections of the form, including:

  • Biographical(Personal) Information
  • Academic Information
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Employment history
  • Volunteering history

Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll get an email confirming your application for the first stage. Your application will then be reviewed, and if you’re shortlisted, you’ll be contacted for the next steps. 

Second Phase: Entrepreneurial Intention and Value Creation Assessment

If you get an email with a link to the entrepreneurial intention assessment, well done, you’ve cleared the first hurdle. You have seven days to complete this phase. What does it evaluate? As the name suggests, it looks at your entrepreneurial intentions, your attitude towards business, and how well you work in teams. After finishing, you’ll receive an email asking for your patience while your submission is reviewed. If you pass this stage, congratulations! You’ll get another email with a link to the next step: the Innovation scenario assessment.

Third Phase: Innovation Scenario Assessment 

At this stage, you’ll need to complete a form and submit a pitch video. Your assessment will be evaluated on how well you identify and explain a problem, describe your solution to this problem, and outline the potential societal impact of your solution.

You should fill out the form directly in the online portal. As for the pitch video, upload it to YouTube and add the link to your youtube video to the online portal. Like before, your submission will be reviewed. If you’re successful, you’ll receive an email with a link to the next step in the process.

Fourth Phase: Psychometric Test

If you’ve reached this point, you’ll have noticed that the psychometric test is split into two sessions. This part of the process is designed to evaluate your ability to reason with written and verbal concepts. 


  • The first session includes the verbal reasoning assessment, a test that measures how well you understand and work with words and ideas. You will have a set amount of time to complete this test, which includes reading 5 short texts and answering questions about them. Remember, there’s a time limit for answering each question.
  • The second stage is the numerical reasoning assessment, where they check how good you are with numbers and analyzing data. It’s a test against the clock that includes looking at 5 sets of visual data and then answering questions on them. Remember, there’s a set time limit to respond to each question in this test as well.


SESSION #2: CPP Psychometric Test

This session is an online assessment that lasts 3 hours. You’ll need to join a Zoom meeting and complete one online test. It’s important to know that this test will be watched by a supervisor, so you must keep your video turned on while you’re doing the assessment.

NOTE: The Psychometric test can NOT be taken on mobile or smartphones. This is because the screen size and resolution on these devices aren’t suitable for the format of these tests. 

Final Phase: The Selection Conference

You’re nearly there! Before moving forward, Jasiri will send you some links to read as preparation. Out of all the links that piqued my interest were that of Efosa Ojomo and Tom Chi.

The conference will take place via Zoom. My schedule was for the weekend: Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST, and Sunday from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM EST. It’s important to attend both days of the conference.

To summarize

Below are important things to note 

  • Test your internet connection at before starting the assessments.
  • Complete the assessments in a quiet space to avoid disturbances.
  • Full concentration is needed. The verbal and numerical reasoning assessments are timed. Focus is key.
  • Ensure you have enough uninterrupted time to finish all parts of the assessments.
  • If you get disconnected, you can restart the assessment where you left off, without losing progress.
  • Detailed instructions and guidelines are provided to you on email for all assessments.
  • Follow onscreen prompts and Carefully read and adhere to the instructions and guidelines shown on the assessment platform

Going through the application for Jasiri was tough and took a lot of steps, but looking back, it was worth the wait. When I decided to apply, I was already running my own company, Loline Digital Solutions, so it felt like a big risk. But that’s what being an entrepreneur is all about. Jasiri helped me sharpen my business skills and supported me in starting another venture, proving to me that stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to great success and if it worked for me, it can work for you too.


Authored by Wudase Girma, Jasiri Community Fellow and Founder of Loline Mag

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