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Spotlight Story: Empowering Young Minds with EDiT

In today’s rapidly evolving world, equipping children with essential 21st-century skills is more crucial than ever. EDiT is an innovative educational platform designed specifically for primary school students.  EDiT mission is to cultivate these vital skills through engaging and entertaining methods, ensuring that children are not just learning, but thriving.

EDiT stands out with its unique combination of an online, planet-themed gamified platform and interactive public speaking and debating events. This dual approach is meticulously designed to assess students’ baseline skills and track their progress over time, ensuring continuous improvement. By integrating these dynamic activities, EDiT provides a holistic learning experience that is both fun and educational.

Significant Milestones Achieved

Since its inception, EDiT has achieved several significant milestones which includes but not limited to:

  1. Launch of the Online Gamified Platform: EDiT introduced an engaging, interactive platform filled with educational content. This online space allows students to explore and learn in a fun, immersive environment.
  2. Public Speaking and Debating Events: EDiT has successfully organized numerous events focused on public speaking and debating. These activities have led to noticeable improvements in participants’ confidence and communication skills.
  3. Comprehensive Progress Tracking System: EDiT developed a robust system for monitoring and assessing students’ progress. This system provides valuable insights for educators, helping them tailor their teaching strategies to meet each student’s needs.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: EDiT has formed strategic partnerships with civil society organizations and educational bodies. These collaborations have expanded EDiT’s reach and amplified its impact, bringing its innovative approach to a broader audience.
  5. Recently nominated for the Global Startup Awards for the best newcomer of the year. You can vote for them here.

With these achievements, EDiT is well on its way to becoming the premier platform for developing 21st-century skills in children. By continuously evolving and adapting to the needs of students and educators, EDiT is setting a new standard in educational excellence.

Discover more about EDiT and how we’re shaping the future of education.

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