Call for Proposals: Entrepreneurship Education Landscape Review


Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy East Africa (AGGP EA) is seeking a research partner to conduct a comprehensive study on entrepreneurship education and training (EET) in Rwanda’s primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. This study aims to map the current landscape, identify opportunities and challenges, and provide data to inform AGGP EA’s future strategies.


AGGP EA focuses on fostering responsible entrepreneurship among young people in Eastern Africa. Despite formal education, many young people struggle to find employment or develop entrepreneurial skills. Initiatives like the Wavumbuzi Entrepreneurship Challenge, the Jasiri Talent Investor, and the Jasiri Growth Accelerator aim to build a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem. This research will deepen AGGP EA’s understanding of EET and guide strategic interventions.


  • Map existing EET programs and identify challenges and opportunities.
  • Understand key ecosystem players, including educational institutions and support organizations.
  • Explore common understandings of entrepreneurship among ecosystem players.
  • Highlight gaps in EET approaches, focusing on curriculum, pedagogy, and teacher training.
  • Propose potential interventions based on global standards for AGGP EA.

Research Approach

A mixed-methods approach will be used, combining desktop research and stakeholder engagements. The project will involve literature reviews, policy analysis, and interactive events like interviews and focus groups.

Stakeholder Engagement

AGGP EA will involve educational institutions, government and non-government entities, the private sector, and other EET stakeholders to ensure relevant and actionable research outcomes.

Expected Outcomes

  • A comprehensive report on the state of EET in Rwanda.
  • Strategic recommendations for AGGP EA.
  • A framework for ongoing collaboration among EET stakeholders.

Project Plan and Timelines

  • Selection of Research Partner (5 – 15 June 2024)
  • Expression of Interest by 5 June 2024.
  • Selection and contracting by 15 June 2024.
  • Inception Report (16 – 30 June 2024)
  • Submission and review of Inception Report by 30 June 2024.
  • Desktop Research / Secondary Data Collection (1 – 30 July 2024)
  •  Preliminary report by 25 July, reviewed by 31 July 2024.
  • Primary Data Collection, Analysis & Preliminary Report (1 August – 15 September 2024)
  • Draft report submission and presentation by 15 September 2024.
  • Final Report (15 – 30 September 2024)
  • Final report submission by 30 September 2024.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Periodic meetings will be held to track progress and address issues.


The estimated budget is 30,000,000 Rwandan Francs (tax inclusive).


This EET landscape review is crucial for understanding and shaping the future of entrepreneurship education in Rwanda. Interested organizations are invited to submit a technical response detailing their proposed research design, methodology, budget, timelines, and relevant experience.

For more details and to submit proposals, please contact:

Aneth Batamuliza, Entrepreneurship Community Manager, AGGP East Africa 

Kigali, Rwanda

150 150 Patrick Nsengumuremyi

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