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Jasiri & KNCCI Support Budding Entrepreneurs

In an endeavor to bring together key stakeholders in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem to collaborate and support budding entrepreneurs, Jasiri partnered with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & IndustryICC-ECA Centre of Entrepreneurship Nairobi to host the inaugural Start-Up Pitch Event. This was held yesterday, 23rd February 2023 at the Jasiri offices, Nairobi Garage, Kilimani. The key purpose was to collaborate in creating a more conducive environment for entrepreneurs to succeed.

Our sincere gratitude to the 15 start-ups that pitched. It was exciting to hear about the innovations coming from young people in the country, solving problems in different fields including #agriculture, Beauty&Cosmetics, #investment#mentalhealthawareness#pharmaceuticalindustry, and #transportation.

Sincere gratitude to our panelists Noreen Nthiga, – Executive Office of President; Peninah Muchiri– Jubilee InsuranceKingsley Melita KipuryPeris M. – KRA(KENYA REVENUE AUTHORITY)Cromwell Kedemi – UBA Group; Mildred Eboi – Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS); Dr. Robert Karanja –Villgro Africa; Favour Ruhiu – Adanian LabsNelvin Obiero – EAGC Grain Business Institute (GBI);  Ramah Madiba – Chair ICT and Innovation Committee KNCCI; and Roselyn Marandu-Kareithi (PhD) – Jasiri. We are grateful for your insights and advice to propel the start-ups forward.

Key takeaways from the engagement that took place include;

  1. The need to create opportunities and spaces that encourage the collaborative cross-pollination of ideas around how best to help Startups and Founders access services available to them from government-adjacent bodies and agencies tasked with advancing the cause of Entrepreneurship.
  2. The ability to leverage strategic partnerships is a crucial skill every Founder should master. Founders should pursue these with the same zeal and enthusiasm they pursue fundraising opportunities as they present value beyond capital.
  3. #Founders should pursue Dynamic Innovation – innovations that evolve over time with the customers’ needs in mind. Be futuristic – constantly review and reposition your offering for the future and prepare internally for any resultant disruption to your own business model.
  4. It is paramount that #Founders prioritize the power of storytelling, not only when pitching their solutions to investors and stakeholders, but to articulate the impact of their brands and the position they occupy in a crowded marketplace.
  5. #Startups should seek the right advice and follow appropriate governance processes and procedures without putting undue burden on themselves and their often limited resources.

Be on the look for many more of these forums to come in the near future.

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