Jasiri Talent Investor Simba Cohort #3 Flag-Off Event – Jasiri

Jasiri Talent Investor Simba Cohort #3 Flag-Off Event

Exciting times are ahead for the Jasiri Talent Investor Simba Fellows / Cohort #3, who are now at a 3-month residential intensive in Rwanda. The 22 Kenyan Fellows join 12 Fellows from Ethiopia and 16 Fellows from Rwanda, bringing the total to 50 (20 Female; 30 Male) Fellows.

At the flag-off event in Kenya, the Jasiri team was joined by executives from the Youth Enterprise Development Fund; namely, @Hon. Fatma Bakari Barayan, Chairperson, and Josiah Arabu Moriasi, C.E.O. They congratulated the Jasiri Simba Fellows for their achievements thus far and asked them to represent Kenya well.

Hon. Fatma further urged the Fellows to align their ideas towards the value addition chain and creative ventures that will create more job opportunities.

In his remarks, Josiah Arabu Moriasi said, “We appreciate this [Jasiri] program. We fully associate ourselves with it because it intends to capacity- build our young people to start businesses. Jasiri contributes to the mandate of the Youth Fund; to enable young people to create employment for themselves and others. The Government of Kenya is very passionate about entrepreneurship. Jasiri is helping Kenya achieve its development goals. At the next briefing with President Hon. Dr William Ruto, our Chairperson, Hon. Fatma Barayan,  shall inform him of the work Jasiri is doing”.

At the end of the residential intensive, the Jasiri Fellows are expected to come up with an idea, which has the potential to be a market-creating innovation. We wish all the Fellows well and look forward to celebrating them at the final Demo Day – the pinnacle of the residential intensive.

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